At Specialty Tooling Systems, we understand that project costs are paramount for our customers, but we also know it requires far more than an affordable quote to take a project across the finish line, on time, and with quality.

Streamlined project management and a commitment to flexibility sit at the core of what it takes to be successful in the automation and specialty machine building markets. The fast-paced industries we serve are often beset by engineering changes and other roadblocks. With that in mind, STS embodies the definition of flexibility. Whether that means redesigning an already-constructed robotic cell after a vehicle fails a crash test under the original deadline, or sitting on 1 a.m. conference calls with customers overseas, STS strives to adapt on the fly, while providing precise and accurate communication to its customers.

Founded in 2000, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based STS employs approximately 68 people. Over the years, we’ve outgrown our original 33,000-square-foot facility, and recently completed an additional 40,000-square-foot expansion. In addition, STS serves under the Tooling Systems Group (TSG) umbrella. For our customers, this relationship translates into vertical integration, increased buying power, shared best practices and a host of additional synergies that allow projects to be taken seamlessly from start to finish.

We invite your organization to join us as we continue to grow and expand our capabilities and service offerings. Let’s have a conversation about how we can earn your business.


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