Assembly Machines

Assembly solutions are our bread and butter at STS. Our team has designed and fabricated customized specialty assembly centers for customers in the automotive, furniture, medical device, aerospace and a variety of other industries.

STS uses a proven system for designing, engineering and building assembly equipment. It begins with a review of our customer’s product line, engineering documents, operations/floor plan and delivery requirements. Then, our specialists incorporate the latest lean manufacturing principles to design and fabricate the assembly solution best suited for a particular customer’s needs.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Assembly Turntables
  • Automation Assembly
  • Automated Welding Cells and Specialty Welding Equipment
  • High-Pressure Riveting/Staking
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Heat Staking
  • Nut and Small Part Feeding
  • Pierce Nut Assembly
  • Product Testing
  • Production Machining Systems
  • Robotic Material Handling
  • On-site Support, Maintenance Programs and Troubleshooting
  • Bosch Assembly Line for High-Volume Assembly

In addition, our team is happy to work with your operation to enhance or retrofit existing automated assembly equipment, promote workflow and maximize lean manufacturing principles.

Our partnership with Tooling Systems Group (TSG) also allows us to offer turnkey solutions from concept to finished product. For our specialty assembly equipment customers, that translates into efficient and rapid communication between our assembly and die groups, resulting in smooth engineering changes and other adjustments throughout the build process.

For more information about our capabilities, contact us or request a quote.