End-To-End Support

Specialty Tooling Systems provides end-to-end support for its clients. We offer innovative, full-service solutions—from concept to installation and beyond.

No matter what your machine’s delivery date is, our goal is to be there to train your team and support your ongoing maintenance needs. We’ll make sure your machines yield high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) so you can minimize downtime, improve efficiency, and drive profitability.

Program Management

Program management is the cornerstone of our operation—and your success. Each project is assigned a dedicated global program manager, who serves as the primary point of contact and guides each project from purchase order to finished product.

The global project manager takes care of the communication between each of the shops under the Tooling System Group’s umbrella. This allows for a seamless transition of projects with open and transparent communication of each step of the process. Moreover, it promotes efficiencies throughout the process by reducing redundancies and minimizing the risk of miscommunication to the customer.

New, Redesign and Repairs

Regardless of industry, size or geography, our customers all want the same thing: quality, bang for the buck, and overall equipment efficiency. Specialty Tooling Systems delivers newly built automation equipment that does just that. Check out our capabilities to learn more about our expertise in automation systems.

We also offer redesign and repair services to existing customers. Whether it’s a controls upgrade for an older piece of equipment or mechanical repairs on a machine that is down, Specialty Tooling Systems helps customers improve OEE, reduce downtime, and improve profitability.

Onsite Support and Maintenance

Customer training and support are important elements of our service to customers. We train customers in our facility when their equipment is being finalized and then train them onsite at their own facility when the equipment is delivered and assembled.

Our commitment to customer support also extends to maintenance strategies and services that improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce downtime, and increase profitability. We offer maintenance and other services through our Grand Rapids and Detroit facilities. Additionally, our affiliations with Tooling Systems Group and Nachi Robotics Systems provide a global support structure that allows us to respond quickly and effectively to customers throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, and China.


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